Touré’s first words

Officially transferred from Le Havre to OM last week for around €7.5 million (bonus included), Isaak Touré gave his first words at the microphone of the Marseille club. The opportunity for the French central defender to justify his choice to join the Marseille city, he who was also courted by Manchester City.

“Since I was little, I’ve been a fan of OM”

“It’s already a huge source of pride, because it’s one of the biggest French clubs. Forever the first, as they say. (…) I thank my agents, my parents, my coaches, and we’ll see. then how it will happen”, explained the 19-year-old. And to continue: It’s my heart club. Since I was little, I have been a fan of OM. And then you can’t refuse Olympique de Marseille, we don’t say no”.

Asked about his models and inspirations as a central defender, Isaak Touré cited three names, including a former OM player: “I draw a lot of inspiration from William Saliba. He is young, he has done a lot of things, more than 100 matches in Ligue 1. I also like Virgil Van Dijk, a very good player, and Kalidou Koulibaly”.

After having confided that he wanted to learn from the former squad while bringing freshness, the U19 tricolor international (11 caps, 2 goals) confided in OM’s playing philosophy: “I like the teams that play with the ball. OM are a team that moves a lot, which plays four behind, like three. There is a lot of movement and that’s what I like”.

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