to invest, how to navigate among the platforms

About thirty platforms specializing in cryptocurrencies are registered with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) as digital asset service providers (PSAN). These are newly created start-ups preparing to launch their activity (Mon Livret C, CryptoSimple), French players established for a long time on the market (Coinhouse, Paymium), even the local structure of a international juggernaut (Binance).

It all starts with opening an account with this intermediary and funding it by bank transfer or credit card. “Some banking networks try to dissuade their customers from opening an account by asking them for written confirmation before making the transfer”, laments Jonathan Herscovici, the founder of StackinSat. This platform offers a programmed savings plan exclusively invested in bitcoins. Other cryptocurrency specialists, such as Paymium, CryptoSimple or the private bank Delubac, concentrate their offer in a handful of them.

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Conversely, Coinhouse, Binance or Bitpanda provide access to dozens, even hundreds, of these digital currencies, from the most classic to the most confidential. “We focus our offer on about fifty cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins, these products whose price is backed by the euro or the dollar. There is no point in offering the 15,000 of the market. We are more attentive to the quality of the assets than to the quantity”, specifies Paul Bourceret, director of commercial operations at Coinhouse, which has more than 500,000 individual customers in France. For its part, Binance, a real juggernaut with 90 million users worldwide, offers more than 600 cryptocurrencies on its platform.

“The level of fees should not be a criterion of choice: they are very quickly absorbed by two or three-digit performance. » Karl Toussaint du Wast, management consultant

Regardless of the intermediary, each buy or sell order triggers the payment of fees. At Coinhouse, the customer pays between 1% and 3.49% depending on the method of payment (by bank transfer or by bank card) and the type of operation (crypto or stablecoin). For its part, StackinSat charges a commission of 1.5%, while Paymium charges between 0.50% on bitcoin and 1.49% on other cryptocurrencies. Binance cuts prices with fees limited to 0.10%, to which is added 1 euro per transfer or 1.80% in the event of payment by credit card.

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