The Southern Courier | Technology at the service of users of the Louis-Hippolyte-LaFontaine tunnel

This Bluetooth sensor anonymously captures Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices to measure the travel time of road users between two points. (Picture: courtesy)

The Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) is working to install 12 electronic panels near the site of the major repair of the Louis-Hippolyte-LaFontaine tunnel, both on the Montreal side and on the South Shore. Their goal? Inform users in real time of the journey time to the tunnel entrance.

Journey times will be calculated using 25 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi stations that will pick up radio waves from road users at several locations along their route.

Considering the high number of users, the quantity of data collected every minute will make it possible to obtain results that will be reliable, estimates the MTQ. The latter specifies that “the information obtained is at all times anonymous”.

The objective is to offer an additional tool to road users so that they can adapt their route, depending on the state of the network.

A first

The first sign was installed the night of June 28 on Highway 25 southbound, upstream of exit no. 6 – Rue Beaubien / Boul. Yves-Prevost. A test period is underway. The installation of the others will continue gradually this summer.

They will be located at these locations:

  • Four signs in the Anjou interchange sector;
  • Two on Route 132;
  • Two on Highway 30;
  • Four on Highway 20.

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