The Big Story: Google Struggles With Analytics Overhaul As Ad Tech Market Braces For Slowdown


Google has tried — and so far failed — to get its customers on board with major new migrations for its online advertising platform.

There was the Ads Data Hub switch, of sorts, and the move away from third-party cookies…which was supposed to happen already. We are still waiting.

This time, however, Google means so. And this time, the migration is absent from the tried and tested (well, true) Google Analytics that most marketers know very well, to GA4, an updated and more sophisticated version of the platform – which only includes also not IP addresses and is not built on online advertising identifiers.


The deadline to migrate is July 2023. In this week’s episode, we’ll explain why this major Google Analytics overhaul is happening and why businesses at all levels need to be aware of the change.


But the GA4 migration puzzle pales in comparison to depressing news elsewhere about tech layoffs and tough belt-tightening decisions as the market pulls back and braces for an economic downturn.

The latest example is AppLovin and Adjust, the mobile measurement company acquired by AppLovin last year, which laid off 12% of their combined workforce this week.

AppLovin was already planning to make “operational changes” — similar corporate lingo to “efficiencies,” meaning layoffs — according to Allison Schiff, who broke the news. But hiring freezes, layoffs and forced resignations have been the name of the game in recent months for many tech and media companies.

“It’s sad news and I hate to hear it,” Schiff said. “Even if we have to give an account of it, it brings me no joy. »

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