Strasbourg. The Japanese Consulate is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary, after 160 years of tradition and technology

When he was a trainee at the Haut-Rhin prefecture in Colmar at the end of the 1980s, Takeshi Akamatsu often had the opportunity to meet heads of Japanese companies based in Alsace. The young man, then just graduated from Kyoto University, interviewed these leaders. “They all told me about the similarities between Japan and Alsace: respect for traditions, attachment to family, taste for work, concern for quality”, he says today, 33 years old. later, when he is back in Alsace in quite different functions: for two years, he has been Consul General of Japan in Strasbourg.

“In Japan there is a deep taste for French culture and great respect for German culture, and Alsace is the place of an ‘idealized Germanity'”

It is therefore as a diplomat, now experienced, that he brought out the questionnaire he used as a young trainee: “When Olympus arrived in Alsace 2 years ago (following the…

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