Sorare takes a new step with Mbappé as ambassador

Sorare has just signed a new partner, this time Kylian Mbappé is joining the project as an ambassador.

He made headlines on both sides of the Pyrenees a few weeks ago when he announced his extension to Paris Saint Germain. Kylian Mbappé, 23, is a world star, known around the world for his talent on the ball, but also for his outspokenness and his willingness to commit to various causes.

During the last gathering of the France team he did not want to take part in several photo shoots with a major sponsor of the blues, not wanting to give a bad image to the youth, he who advocates quite different ideas at the level of nutrition or sports betting which are nevertheless one of the biggest sponsors of his club, Paris Saint Germain.

This idea of ​​having control over his image rights, something unprecedented in the world of football, was also at the heart of the negotiations for the extension of the contract of the Parisian star. The latter no longer wanted to appear alongside certain brands, and he wanted to make his own “ethical” choices.

Mbappé: sports betting is no, Sorare is yes

It is therefore with a little surprise that we learned yesterday that the Ile-de-France center forward had just signed a contract to represent the Sorare brand, an NFT card collection company that allows speculation around football players and their actual performance on the pitch.

The player who wanted to get away from the “harmful” world of sports betting therefore decides to promote NFTs and the ultra-speculative market that is Sorare. If there are indeed a few points of difference between the two, especially in terms of communication, which is highly criticized with regard to sports betting, the choice of Mbappé surprised more than one person yesterday.

Kylian Mbappé, who is 23, is already the face of Dior or Hublot, so he is back with a third contract away from the field. Investor in the project, Mbappé’s ambitions with Sorare are great and if the player did not communicate, the brand was obviously delighted with a signing of this magnitude.

To understand how Sorare works, watch the Presse-Citron video on the subject

A boon for Sorare’s credibility

The brand was particularly congratulated for having succeeded in “creating a direct connection between athletes and fans in different sports”. Before continuing: “This partnership with an ambitious man who is very involved in everything he undertakes marks a new stage for our international development, additional credibility. »

Today Sorare is the reference brand when it comes to football (and even sports) in Web3. The signing of Mbappé should continue to give great legitimacy to the company which has already signed partnerships with many championships, allowing players around the world to have access to some of the most talented footballers on the planet.

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