Samsung Neo QLED 2022: when design and technology go hand in hand

Technology Quantum Mini-LED not only offers an unrivaled visual experience, but it also evolves the design of Neo QLED 2022 TVs. Infinity edgeless is stunning, the remote case OneConnect frees us from cables and the wall mounting highlights the remarkable finesse of these televisions. Presentation.

Samsung Neo QLED 2022 televisions offer exceptional image quality: brightness, contrast, color rendering… It’s a real flawless performance on the part of Samsung, which has been able to exploit the immense potential of mini LEDs. The fact that they are forty times smaller than conventional LEDs also offers a considerable advantage for thinning the television and reducing the edges around the screen.

If you are looking for a device that fits best into your interior while giving it a touch of modernity, you will not be disappointed! We explain all this to you in detail.

State-of-the-art technology at the service of design

Design Infinity One introduced on the Neo QLED 2022 range does not leave anyone indifferent. He embodies a minimalist and spectacular vision of the television. With its edges of less than a millimeter, the immersion is total and the rendering breathtaking! Its thinness of 15 mm makes it fit perfectly, and this is all the more true since the back of the television is completely flat, so it can be fixed to the wall like a painting.

This extreme finesse is partly due to the Mini LED backlighting system, and to the case OneConnectspecially developed by Samsung. If you’ve ever approached an OLED TV, you’ve no doubt noticed that some areas are extremely thin, but there’s also a much larger block that houses all the electronics. This element, several centimeters thick, frankly spoils the integration, which is why Samsung has developed a system to deport anything that can harm the aesthetics of the TV.

The link between the Neo QLED TV and the box OneConnectwhich deports all the connections of the device, is carried out via a discreet cable, almost invisible.

The connection between the Neo QLED 2022 TV and the box OneConnect is done by a single cable that can easily be concealed in a sheath or along a wall. The box is positioned out of sight, in a cupboard for example, which allows you to group all the devices you use every day in the same space (Blu-Ray player, game console, audio system, etc.). You can then arrange your interior as you see fit.without having a forest of cables lying around and without having to worry about accessing the connectors.

But that’s not all, Samsung has taken the attention to detail to provide an ultra-thin wall bracket specific to the Neo QLED 2022 range so that the TV fits perfectly against the wall and does not protrude a hair!

An intelligent interface for a hassle-free experience

To make the experience as beautiful as it is pleasant, the Korean brand has developed a brand new interface that puts the TV at the heart of the connected home. This SmartHub is able to communicate with your smart devices and integrate major voice assistants Bixby , Amazon-Alexaand Google Assistantso that you can control your lamps, sockets and connected speakers by voice, but also change channels or start a programme.

The Tizen interface of Samsung Neo QLED 2022 TVs gives pride of place to content to be consumed in streaming.

The interface TizenSamsung Neo QLED 2022 TVs give pride of place to content to be consumed by streaming.

If you are a fan of the zapette, Samsung has developed a universal solar remote control made from recycled materials which can also recharge at night thanks to the electromagnetic waves emitted by the routers – rather practical, no?

Moreover, the modeAmbienthelps to integrate Samsung Neo QLED 2022 TVs even better into your interior decoration thanks to a hundred wallpapers available for free and access to your works of art via the Art Store. An elegant and original solution to exploit the display surface of your new television when you are not using it.

Since SmartHub you can obviously access the most popular streaming services such as netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+. The Game Bar 2.0is also present allowing you quick access to the settings to control the latency, the format of the image or the connection of the wireless headphones. A wayMultiViewis also present in order to share the screen between different sources.

Incidentally, the Neo QLED 2022 televisions are also capable of replacing the TV boxes of the operators Orange, Bouygues Telecom, Free and soon SFR via dedicated applications directly integrated into the Smart TV 2022 interface. irreproachable that can fit perfectly into your interior, then you know what to do!

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