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Following Guillaume Duriatti’s remarks in the WeGirondins Talk last night where he spoke about the discussions between Gérard Lopez and Bruno Fievet, the businessman wishes to react. He sent us a press release.

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Bruno Fievet’s press release:

“Following what was said last night in the Talk on WebGirondins by Guillaume Duriatti, I would like to correct a few details.

If it is correct that we contacted Fortress and that we did not have an answer a month before the passage in front of the DNCG, the contact that we had with Gérard Lopez was in accordance with what I have already announced previously . Namely that the time allowed to bring money to the DNCG was much too short.

In addition, there was in no way a desire from Gérard Lopez not to accept financial support for the passage before the DNCG. It is important to understand that this type of transaction is long and subject to a lot of discussion. This could not have been possible in such a short period of 10 days between the two DNCG visits.

I confirm the amount of €40 million contributed entirely by external investors. I brought in front of Gérard Lopez a loan agreement, a letter of interest and a fund guarantee from the bank for the amount mentioned.

It was a question of meeting again with Gérard Lopez after the DNCG passage to see how I could help the club financially and organizationally. I hope for a favorable outcome before the CNOSF so that the Girondins keep their place in Ligue 2 next season.”

You can find Guillaume Duriatti’s interview in the video below:

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