PlayStation VR2 will include Tobii’s eye-tracking technology – News

PlayStation VR2 sets a new benchmark for immersive virtual reality entertainment and will allow millions of users around the world to experience the power of eye tracking. Our partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment further confirms Tobiii’s world-leading technology capabilities and ability to deliver industry-leading solutions at scale.“, welcomes Anand Srivatsa, CEO of Tobii.

The shareholders of the Swedish company are also informed that Tobii will start to receive income under this agreement from 2022 and that the income related to the partnership is expected to represent more than 10% of Tobii’s total turnover in 2022. Which absolutely does not mean that the helmet will be marketed this year, as much to specify.

Recall that eye tracking is one of the new features highlighted by Sony Interactive Entertainment since the announcement of its new generation headset, which will be able to detect the movement of the user’s eyes. In addition to possible in-game applications, this technology allows the hardware to optimize the visual quality of games by working to improve the resolution where the player is looking. The foveal rendering, we call it.

The first games confirmed for PlayStation VR2 include Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky, Ghostbusters VR and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinner Chapter 2.

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