Airbnb is testing ‘anti-party’ tech in North America

Airbnb plans to test “anti-party” technology. Based on several criteria, the tool would make it possible to better enforce the ban on parties in accommodation rented via the platform. For anyone worried about renting out their home, Airbnb may have the solution. Indeed, the San Francisco-based company will test an “anti-party” technology. Initially reserved for … Read more

How is the cryptocurrency industry doing?

During this bear market, the cryptocurrency industry is plagued by massive layoffs, however, this is not a generality. In this roundup, we will also report exclusive testimonials from Bybit, Sorare, and Coinhouse, to understand how these companies are doing during this period. The bear market and its consequences on our ecosystem Since the collapse of … Read more

5 rules to follow to enter Google Business Profile

A simple and free solution, the Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) business listing has become a major asset for the e-reputation of a company or franchise. Better positioning on search engine pages, generating traffic in physical points of sale, improving the conversion rate… So many benefits that a judicious use of this digital … Read more

OL logical winner of Troyes in Ligue 1, doubled by Tetê

At the start of the third day of Ligue 1, OL easily won against Troyes (4-1) this Friday evening. Despite the postponement of its match in Lorient scheduled for last Sunday, Lyon is back in second place while waiting for the other results of the day. With this result, Estac is on its bottom side … Read more

Bitcoin “too healthy” for the meanders of Wall Street – This former Goldman Sachs shocker

Bitcoin, a white dove? – By its complexity and his opacityno one (including the traders themselves) knows exactly what exactly is going on in the trading rooms of Wall Street. Quite a contrast with Bitcoin (BTC) which was designed to be transparent and incorruptible thanks to its code. A former member of the mega-bank Goldman … Read more

Fitbit Pay’s Days Can Be Numbered

Advertising It’s been more than two years since Google collapsed $2.1 billion for Fitbit, but there hasn’t been much integration between the two companies’ products so far. Looks like that’s going to change this fall. Not only is the next Pixel Watch set to get some brilliant Fitbit integration, but it also looks like the … Read more

Mosquitoes: how these insects “smell” you before biting you

the essential A study reveals how mosquitoes pick up human scent in order to locate their future meal. Information that could improve the fight against diseases transmitted by their bites. “Bzzzzziiiiiiiiiiii”! “Boom!” When summer arrives, the scene repeats itself for millions of people. A high-pitched buzzing in the ear, sometimes a stinging sensation and the … Read more

Wilfried Happio in silver over 400m hurdles behind the untouchable Karsten Warholm

Untouchable Karsten Warholm. The Norwegian flew over the final of the 400 meters hurdles on Friday evening at the European Championships in Munich, crossing the line more than a second ahead of Wilfried Happio (23), second and silver medalist (47 ‘ ’12 against 48”56). “ This medal represents a difficult year, trying with a lot … Read more