Netflix, Google, Meta and Amazon monopolize more than 40% of bandwidth in France

In its report on the use of the Internet in France, Arcep (Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution) highlights the place taken by Gafa.

Arcep has just submitted the 2022 edition to Parliament on the state of the internet in France. The organization tells us that the vast majority of internet traffic is occupied by companies broadcasting video content, and in this game, Netflix is ​​number 1 with almost 20% of total traffic in France. The American company is well ahead of Google (11% of traffic), a large part of which comes from the YouTube platform.

Netflix is ​​number 1 with almost 20% of total traffic in France

Last year, Internet data traffic (also called bandwidth) increased by 25.3% in France. The weight of the web giants is no stranger to this increase since Amazon, Meta (Facebook / Instagram), Google and Netflix take 40% of French bandwidth…

Amazon, Meta, Google and Netflix take 40% of French bandwidth…

Enough to revive the debate on the contribution of digital groups to the financing of networks, while Orange, Free, SFR and Bouygues are investing more and more each year.

The Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, has already relaunched the debate last May: “A handful of players alone occupy more than 50% of the world’s bandwidth. It is time to reorganize the fair remuneration of the networks. It is now one of the main projects in our digital space. All the costs are borne by the access providers, it is legitimate that there is debate“.

Each year between 15 and 28 billion euros to operators

A study shows that the traffic generated by the American giants costs their operators between 15 and 28 billion euros each year. Brussels is monitoring this very closely and would like to speed up fair remuneration. However, the Gafa defend themselves by highlighting that their rich content attracts consumers and therefore…subscribers.

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