Metaverse investment: 3 alternative stocks to cryptos to invest in the metaverse


Formerly known as Facebook, Meta Platforms is now in charge of educating investors about the metaverse trend. Facebook and Instagram app ads still make up the bulk of the company’s revenue.

Reality Labs, on the other hand, is a separate division of Meta Platforms where VR gear and content are sold. Meta has sold more Oculus VR headsets than any other brand in the market as a whole.

In order to adapt to the new perspectives of the metaverse, the company is spending billions in developing software and content for augmented reality and virtual reality applications.


Unity Software is undoubtedly the market leader in 3D software. According to the company, its solutions are used to create approximately 50% of all 3D content currently available.

Here: Meta, Microsoft, Sony, Epic Games, Unity, Alibaba, Nvidia, Huawei and even Ikea come together in a consortium to build development standards for an interoperable metaverse

Furthermore, it seems logical to think that the company can continue to take market share from its rivals thanks to its unique value offer. Newbie content creators can use two of its tools for free: Unity Personal and Unity Student.

This accessibility is an asset for Unity and its investors.


Nvidia is another company that could benefit from producing 3D content. Having only become widely available in late 2021, its Omniverse Enterprise package is already crawled by hundreds of companies and downloaded by tens of thousands of content producers.

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Nvidia is likely to benefit from the metaverse movement even if Omniverse fails to take hold. The company’s high-quality graphics processing units (GPUs) have traditionally been its main product line, and as the metaverse trend gains traction, demand for these GPUs will increase, as they allow users to have the best experience. 3D content.

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