Hauliers adopt I-Save technology on their Volvo FHs

Volvo Trucks is rolling out I-Save to its 13-litre FH D13TC in 420hp, 460hp and 500hp.

Hauliers using Volvo Trucks’ I-Save technology confirm its performance. On August 21, 2021, the Volvo FH I-Save with D13TC engine already achieved an average of 22.7 l/100 km at an average speed of 80.35 km/h. Since then, the manufacturer has further improved its I-Save technology. More particularly: its commercial speed, its driving comfort and its fuel economy. Also, Volvo Trucks has supplemented the existing 460hp and 500hp with a 420hp model.

Transporters: 10-12% less fuel with Volvo’s I-Save

Dorian Laroche, co-manager of C3D Laroche (Champeix, 63320), a carrier specializing in supplying worksites and transporting crops, emphasizes the main assets. As of 2020, it reported “the very good commercial speed, the good axle ratios giving more torque and the driving comfort of the Volvo FH I-Save 460 hp. On the same trip, it saves us 10% of fuel”, he underlined.

Volvo I-Save transporters
C3D Laroche has recognized the performance of the 460 hp Volvo FH I-Save from 2020.

Same story with another carrier, OMT (Hagondange, 57300). The latter practices transport in full or partial batches of pallets. Its manager Hervé Laufer noted “a gain in consumption of 10 to 12% per vehicle and 8 to 10% for heavy transport”. Before adding: “This gain makes it possible to renew the fleet with Volvo FH I-Save, the drivers being very satisfied with the high torque at low revs of the Volvo FH I-Save. »

Volvo I-Save transporters
With I-Save, OMT has reduced the consumption of its heavy VIs by 8 to 10%.

Savings to renew carrier VIs

Transports Pech, of the Bioret Group (Saint-Jory 31790), expert in semi-trailer traction for large express companies, has also opted for the Volvo FH 500 I-Save. In 2021, its manager, Serge Bioret, was delighted with “the commercial speed we needed to satisfy our customers”.

Volvo I-Save transporters
Transports Pech consumed 12% less fuel with its 500 hp Volvo FH I-Save.

“In terms of fuel consumption, we noted 12% savings after three months of use, detailed Serge Bioret. This allows us to consider vehicle renewals. I also launched a campaign to train drivers so that they have a good command of the vehicle and its driving. »

Carriers combine I-Save with green solutions

Holder of 32 Volvo FH I-Save, Transports Ducarroz (Soleymieu, 38460) acquired in 2022 four Volvo FH equipped with the new wave-piston camshaft and the new intelligent I-Shift gearbox.

Volvo I-Save transporters
By consuming HVO100, Transports Ducarroz greens the Volvo FH I-Save.

The effect is clear: “This technology saves us an average of 15% in consumption, explains the management team. By combining I-Save with eco-driving training, consumption bonuses, and synthetic paraffinic diesel HVO100, we have a real transport solution that emits less CO2 “.

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