Google will improve sound quality in Google Meet and merge Duo

Changes will be made to Google Meet to improve call sound quality by introducing stereo separation. The guys at 9to5Google found a few strings of code related to binaural audio — a method of picking up sound tailored to the morphology of the human head, and the aforementioned stereo separation in the latest version of the Google Meet and Gmail apps.

In simple terms, it is capture two separate audio channels and process them individually. Google Meet will be able to get different audio channels for different people talking during a meeting and then play them separately to the left and right speakers of the person listening.

This will help people understand who is speaking much more effectively and intuitively. Normally, these conference call apps use a mono audio channel, so everyone goes through the same speakers.

A few days ago, Google announced that it was going to merge Google Duo with Google Meet, or more specifically, bring some features of Google Duo into Meet. Again there are strings of code that show this is happening.

Once these changes are in place, Google Meet will be able to make 1:1 calls like Google Duo does, with the call tied to a phone number or Google account.

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