Google Stadia, GeForce Now and Xbox in your Samsung Smart TV!

A little less than a month ago, Microsoft announced its arrival in Samsung Smart TVs. The American giant has never hidden it, it wants to allow as many people as possible to take advantage of the Xbox ecosystem, on consoles of course, but also on PC and in the cloud… and through your Samsung Smart TV. For the past few days, Samsung’s Gaming Hub application has been available, and should delight gamers from all walks of life.

The Gaming Hub arrives on Samsung 2022 Smart TVs

Announced at CES in Las Vegas last January, the Samsung Gaming Hub is now available on all of Samsung’s 2022 Smart TVs (Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, QLED and Lifestyle). A center dedicated to gaming which takes the form of an application to download, and which allows holders of a compatible Smart TV to access many video game experiences, directly from the television.

For this, Samsung has teamed up with prestigious industry-leading partners, such as Microsoft, which offers its Xbox application. But that’s not all, since the Gaming Hub also allows you to take advantage of the services offered by NVIDIA GeForce NOW and even Google Stadia (already available on webOS), provided of course that you are subscribed to the services in question. The Samsung-signed application also allows you to find various shortcuts to YouTube or Twitch, to immediately access our favorite streamers and content creators. To benefit from it, simply update your Samsung Smart TV.

On the Microsoft side, you have to connect to the Xbox application from the Samsung Gaming Hub, then to your Microsoft account, before synchronizing a Bluetooth controller. From then on, you can enjoy many games in streaming, provided of course that you are a member of Game Pass Ultimate to access the many games compatible with the cloud. Note that the Gaming Hub application is also available on the Smart Monitor 2022 range.

The arrival of the Samsung Gaming Hub on Samsung 2022 Smart TVs is part of the brand’s strategy to simplify the daily life of consumers, while supporting the dematerialization of services, like the dematerialization of Bouygues TV Boxes, Free and Orange”explains the Korean giant. It’s up to you to play!

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