Google made limited-edition refrigerators in 2006. Today, they’re a collector’s item

Between 2005 and 2009, Google sent mini-fridges to its top AdWords customers, the seed of Google Ads, imprinted with the company logo and the slogan “Cooler Thinking”.

Merchandising is an element that gives added value to a brand and allows it to be known and that is why large companies generally manufacture t-shirts, badges, stickers or backpacks with their logo.

But there are other brands like Microsoft that go much further and commit to selling Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridges, but the company that created Windows wasn’t the first to follow this marketing strategy. , since Google once made a few limited-edition mini fridges back in 2006 and now those little appliances are collectibles.

These are the mini-fridges that Google gave away to its top AdWords customers.

Google’s mini fridges can be bought today on eBay

In 2006, the Mountain View company came up with the idea of ​​giving its top AdWords customers, which is the origin of Google Ads, white mini fridges with the Google logo and the slogan “Cooler Thinking” printed on them. , which refers to the double meaning of the word cool in English, a language in which it is used to express both the word cold and the word cool.

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These mini fridges have dimensions of 46 x 38 x 31 centimeters, a capacity of 20 liters, more than enough to keep cool up to 18 cans and bottles of soft drinks and being a gift for the brand’s American customers, they are equipped with an American Socket plug.

These exclusive freebies continued to be sent to the best AdWords customers, those who had reached one million PPC (Pay Per Click) until 2009, when they were replaced by virtual cards that gave money to non-profit entities and charitable projects.

eBay Google Mini Fridge

Photos of the Google mini fridge for sale on eBay.

Today it is still possible to buy one of these used Google mini fridges on eBay, a portal where they are sold as genuine collectibles, because if you want to get one you will have to scratch your pocket and pay 220 dollars, around 210 euros for the change.

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