Google against France-Soir |

It was an appeal trial like no other that was held on June 16, 2022, that of David against Goliath, of Tom Thumb against the ogre, of France-Evening against Google.

Informant journalism

Aude Favre, a journalist specializing in informing, first cracked down in the United States, getting Google to deprive a media outlet, The Gateway Pundit, of its advertising revenue. Following his articles against France-Evening — which you can love or hate depending on but freedom of expression cannot be cut into slices — at the beginning of 2021 she obtained the deletion of the newspaper’s YouTube channel (nearly 280,000 subscribers) but also the de-indexing of newspaper articles.

Referral to the commercial court

The publication director of the newspaper, Xavier Azalbert had seized the commercial court in April 2021, relying on the endangerment of the title and requesting the re-indexing of the content in the name of freedom of expression.

Dismissed at the beginning of June 2021, France-Evening had appealed, a hearing which was held on June 16, 2022 in the midst of the silence of the dear colleagues. Google’s lawyers relied on the fantasies of Conspiracy Watch, on the Decodex of the World, on theAFPon NewsGuard, all defenders of the liberal libertarian world, to castigate France-Evening, infox producer. But what about theAFP who voluntarily publishes false news concerning Éric Zemmour, from the Decodex du World financed by… Google, Newsguard, an instrument of American soft-power? Otherwise that they are part of a system and fall into the camp of censors and enemies of freedom of expression. Judgment postponed mid-October 2022.

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