Google activates a new Gmail interface for everyone

Google leaves the possibility of returning to the old interface, but the new one is now offered and activated by default.

If you use Gmail for your digital correspondence, you should see a new interface appear in the days and weeks to come. Google is in the process of deploying an overhaul of its webmail for everyone, it is announced in a message dated June 28, spotted by Frandroid. The redesign of Gmail was presented at the end of January 2022.

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A new Gmail design enabled by default

This new interface could be tested since the beginning of the year. The decision Google made at the end of June is to roll it out to everyone over the summer. The reorganization includes in particular the arrival of a new column in which the Mountain View firm links these other software solutions: Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Spaces.

This column allows you to navigate from one Google service to another, like tabs in a web browser, without having to leave Gmail. More than ever, Gmail is thought of as one of the main crossroads for directing Google’s customers between its various products. Some, like Meet, however, retain their own standalone access.

Gmail new design
Note the small column on the far left. This is what allows you to navigate through several Google products linked to Gmail. // Source: Screenshot

This new design, which brings discreet changes, is the one that will be active by default. That said, the net giant plans to still keep the old interface for those who do not wish to switch to this new format. Simply, it will be up to them to go to the Gmail options to find the setting to switch back to the “classic” design.

Transitioning to the new design or backing out is done the same way on Gmail. Just click on the icon at the top right in the shape of a toothed wheel to bring up a quick configuration window on the side. It is in the provisional column that the button to switch from one interface to another is located. Just click, confirm and you’re done.

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Source: Kristo Jevtic

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