FOCUSTECH | Ayomi reinvents fundraising

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FOCUS OF THE DAY ➡ Created in 2018 by Harold Zime and Guillaume Tourniaire, the Ayomi group develops and markets a ” SuperApp which provides an answer to companies looking for financing. Unlike a bank loan that would then have to be repaid, Ayomi favors increasing capital equityby mobilizing its friendly and professional network around the company.

Concretely, Ayomi has designed a artificial intelligence which itself contacts the people around the company (direct and indirect network) most likely to invest in the project, such as family or friends, customers and team partners. AI will be able to identify different profiles of investorscontact them by e-mail or sms (according to the supposed preference of the people identified) solicit them and then encourage them to finance the company through the communication the most appropriate.

The start-up supports thereal economythat of VSEs/SMEs, craftsmen and traders looking for financing between 50,000 and 500,000 € and allows them to raise equity easily and in a short time. “Small and medium-sized enterprises are often faced with the problem of financing to boost their growth, says Harold Zime, co-founder and CEO of Ayomi. And this is even more true today in the inflationary context that we are going through and which is dealing a hard blow to our companies. »

Financing is a real headache for many creators or entrepreneurs, their needs are most often too low for banks which have a very long administrative process with a set of documents to present. Thanks to Ayomi, 8 weeks are sufficient on average to complete a fundraiser, instead of 5 months on average with a conventional process. With this money, VSEs and SMEs in difficulty will be able to invest again in the company and thus relaunch their growth.

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