El Salvador pounces on Bitcoin at $19,000 and continues to fill its coffers

Crypto Winter is coming (but El Salvador is well covered) – While the entire crypto ecosystem is reducing its sails and everyone, individuals and professionals alike, are looking to the future with some apprehension, the President of El Salvador is demonstrating through a new purchase of bitcoins that if there should only be one bitcoiner on the South American continent, it will probably be him!

In El Salvador, silence we buy Bitcoin

It is as often by way of tweet that the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele let the world (and very possibly his own finance minister) know that his country was now 80 BTC richer, acquired at an average price of $19,000.

As well as Michael Saylorboss of Microstrategy and other bitcoin-convinced before the Eternal, buyer a few hours ago also of 480 fragments of digital gold, the president of the first country to have historically offered the status of legal tender to Bitcoin therefore persists in punctuating a very gloomy news on the crypto front by regular “Buy the Dip”, nationwide, which immediately gives another look to this patriotic DCA strategy.

The one who sometimes calls himself “the coolest dictator” takes the opportunity to ironically and thank “everyone who sells so cheaply”.

El Salvador now holds almost 2,400 BTC, a war chest of around $48 million at the current price.

As it is customary to remember in the face of such news, the future will tell us if this investment decision in one of the most economically complicated periods in young crypto history, will prove to be a daring masterstroke or a pitiful coup. in water.

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