Earn cryptocurrencies while running? How Walken Wants To Dub StepN

DeFi is full of inventiveness to generate crypto yield. The sector of move to earnproudly represented by Walken on Solana, is one of the latest examples. walken remunerates the daily physical activity of its users in tokens and offers to “gamify” the DeFi experience. The project aims to simplify the approach, access and use of cryptocurrencies while encouraging physical exercise. He is free-to-play (free) and the Beta version of the application is already available on Android and iOS smartphones. Let’s find out how Walken is one step ahead.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Walken.

A free and accessible move to earn on Solana

Based on the Solana blockchain, Walken is a free app which remunerates its users in GEM and WLKN tokens. It directly uses health data from your smartphone (Apple Healthkit and Android Health) to count steps. Each step earns a fraction of GEM. Counting runs in the background all day, without having to manually schedule a walk session or keep the app open.

The DeFi component is based on two native tokens, the GEM and the WLKN (governance token) :

  • GEM : obtained for each step taken daily (updated with each launch)
  • WLKN : obtained during battles and events

When registering on the Walken application, each new user inherits a unique “CAThlete” which will allow him to participate in battles, and thus earn WLKN. This NFT has 3 attributes that you can improve over time, by the sweat of your brow.

These 3 characteristics can be increased by spending GEM or by buying accessories providing various boosts to your CAThlete. These accessories are also NFTsavailable in the in-app marketplace.

Complete the Walken Challenge in NFT Duels

In summary, your daily walk allows you to collect GEMs to improve the skills of your CAThlete. The scores of the three characteristics increase your chances of winning the duels. Victories that are rewarded with WLKN, the project’s governance token walken.

The battles are divided into 3 events:

  • Sprint (speed)
  • Urban race (strength)
  • Marathon (endurance)

Your own statistics should therefore be taken into account before launching your CAThlete in the race of your choice. Indeed, these duels are based on comparing your strengths with those of your opponents. The number of steps taken during the last twenty-four hours also weighs in the final decision. All this data will therefore be analyzed and a winner chosen.

NFT’s dueling system is very fun and intuitive

Battles take place within the seven leagues walken whose access is conditioned at the level of your CAThlete. The payout for winning increases with each league. You can then use the tokens earned to acquire accessories and improve your first CAThlete or buy a more advanced and more profitable one. To avoid farming phenomena, each battle requires an energy bar that recharges over time. So you can’t chain fights all day.

An integrated marketplace to improve your performance

As you will have understood, each user starts with a basic CAThlete which allows him to play for free. But he can acquire others via the marketplace. There are also accessories to permanently improve the statistics of your NFT. These accessories are also in the form of non-fungible tokens. This allows them to be used freely and then put back on sale later. All these NFTs eligible for the secondary market can therefore be bought and resold with SOL or WLKN tokens. The choice is up to the seller who sets this parameter at the time of the sale.

On the marketplace, you can buy and sell Walken NFTs using Solana's currency, SOL, or with the project's native cryptocurrency, WLKN.
Buy CAThletes or lootboxes on Walken’s Marketplace

The game being based on the Solana protocol, all transactions are carried out very quickly, for a negligible cost in fees. In addition, this proximity to one of the flagship protocols of recent months has attracted many investors who have come to support the experienced team developing the application. We thus find big names in crypto financing among the project partners, including Morningstars Ventures, Huobi Ventures, Olivex and Genblock Capital.

Still in Beta version, Walken offers a free move to earn. Simple and ergonomic, walken app is intuitive and easy to handle, from 7 to 77 years old. The roadmap includes listing on various crypto exchanges as well as a fiat ramp to buy NFTs directly, starting this quarter. It also announces a metaverse with lands to be acquired in early 2023. To not miss anything, do not hesitate to join the networks Telegram, Discord or Twitter. Will you take the start?

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