Deezer formalizes its IPO | 52% of employees in EMEA will use data more

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NEWS ➡ The French music streaming platform Deezer formalizes this Tuesday, July 5 its introduction to the Sotck exchange from Paris. Founded in 2007 by Daniel Marhely and Jonathan Benassaya, Deezer operates in a rapidly expanding market; the global market for music recorded having experienced a growth of 18.5% in 2021 alone (i.e. 25 billion euros). But it is also a very competitive market and largely dominated by its Swedish counterpart. Spotify which has more than 400 million users compared to fifteen million for Deezer.

To allow the unicorn tricolor to continue its expansion, several renowned investors have shown their support such as the family Pinault (through its holding company Artémis), Matthew Pigasse or Iris Knobloch, former president of WarnerMedia and appointed head of the board of directors of Deezer. “This is a historic date for Deezer, which will be able to develop, which will be able to grow, have access to international markets. ” said Bruno the MayorMinister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty.

THE NUMBER ➡ 52% employees in the region Europe/EMEA believe they will use data more in the next five years. This is revealed by the latest study carried out by Dataiku in several countries and regions around the world – Germany, United Arab Emirates, France and the Netherlands. The specialist of predictive analysis worked together with YouGov to collect data from 2500 employees whose day-to-day activities involve the processing or use of digital information.

The study makes it possible to evaluate the use that is currently made of the data and artificial intelligence and take stock of their democratization within companies. It also shows that seven out of ten employees are aware of the major impact of data on their daily work.

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