Chrome will improve laptop battery life with a simple update

Google is testing a new feature that could allow its Chrome browser to consume less battery. For this, the developers would limit the performance of the pages in the background.

Google is continually working to improve its Chrome web browser. One of its biggest missions is to optimize the performance requested by the browser in order to increase the autonomy of the computers and smartphones on which it is used. For several years, one of the big struggles has been the management of tabs in the background, which are quite energy-intensive. A new tweak has been spotted in one of the latest Chrome updates that would reduce battery usage.

Restrict JavaScript from loading in the background

This is About Chromebooks who noticed a change in the Chrome OS 105 Chromebook operating system update. It’s actually a new tweak dubbed ” quick intensive rolling “, literally ” fast intensive throttling “. So no, your computer is not going to attack you like a ninja, but this setting might slightly increase the battery life of your laptop when browsing the Internet with Chrome. It applies to all devices that use Google Chrome i.e. Windows, macOS and Linux as well.

This feature will prevent background pages from consuming too much battery. It stops the loading of JavaScript elements after ten seconds of inactivity, whereas previously this stop took place after five minutes. Google writes that ” this should help extend battery life. An experiment on the Canary and Dev channels revealed no regression in our guiding metrics and there are significant (~10%) CPU time improvements when all tabs are hidden and silent “.

The new Chrome icon on macOS
The new Chrome icon on macOS // Source: Google

For most users, this shouldn’t change much. But for those who tend to open many tabs, this setting could have a noticeable impact on their device’s battery life. Also, the economy would be especially obvious if the pages concerned use a lot of JavaScript.

As noted 9to5Googlethis change only appears in the Dev channel for now, so it will be some time before it rolls out to everyone in the Stable channel “.

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