EMA clears intradermal vaccine injection technique

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) authorized this Friday a new technique for injecting the monkeypox vaccine, which will make it possible to immunize more people and thus prevent a possible shortage. European countries can now administer the Imvanex vaccine just under the upper layer of the skin (intradermally) and no longer deep (subcutaneously) as is … Read more

Monkey pox: Authorized this Friday, injection under the upper layer of the skin will allow 5 times more people to be vaccinated against monkeypox

The objective is to vaccinate many people in the face of the increase in cases in recent months. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) Emergency Task Force has reviewed data on the monkeypox vaccine used as an intradermal injection (given just under the top layer of the skin). Until then, the vaccine is only licensed for … Read more

Mosquitoes: how these insects “smell” you before biting you

the essential A study reveals how mosquitoes pick up human scent in order to locate their future meal. Information that could improve the fight against diseases transmitted by their bites. “Bzzzzziiiiiiiiiiii”! “Boom!” When summer arrives, the scene repeats itself for millions of people. A high-pitched buzzing in the ear, sometimes a stinging sensation and the … Read more

She wakes up with her body covered in red spots, she is suffering from a rare disease triggered in one night

The patches appeared all of a sudden. After the shock, an Englishwoman decided to expose herself on Instagram. Some awakenings are more difficult than others. Bri Morrell, who lives in Leceister in England discovered that she had a rare disease when she got up one morning. His body was covered with red patches. A mysterious … Read more

9 little-known facts about sciatica

Separate the misconceptions about sciatica from the truth with this article. Sciatica is pain or numbness anywhere along the sciatic nerve, which runs from the bottom of the spine through the buttocks and down the back of the legs, caused by compression of the nerve. Sciatica pain can range from mild to unbearable, but in … Read more