Texas shutdown for bitcoin mining giant

A quarter in minor mode – the mining cryptocurrency is a fledgling industry with significant exposure to the price of its flagship asset: the Bitcoin. When it bursts the ceiling, manufacturers rub their hands and arouse greed. When the market declines or declines, the Cassandres say “it was well said” and the shareholders demand accountability. … Read more

Airdrop of Safe (Gnosis) – 50 million tokens will be distributed to Ethereum wallets

The Gnosis Safe multisignature wallet has confirmed that it wants to airdrop. The proposal has been submitted to the community, it should allow the distribution of 50 million SAFE tokens. Airdrop de Safe (Gnosis) – 50 millions de tokens seront distribués aux portefeuilles Ethereum Launch of the SAFE token As a reminder, Gnosis Safe recently … Read more

How is the cryptocurrency industry doing?

During this bear market, the cryptocurrency industry is plagued by massive layoffs, however, this is not a generality. In this roundup, we will also report exclusive testimonials from Bybit, Sorare, and Coinhouse, to understand how these companies are doing during this period. The bear market and its consequences on our ecosystem Since the collapse of … Read more

Bitcoin “too healthy” for the meanders of Wall Street – This former Goldman Sachs shocker

Bitcoin, a white dove? – By its complexity and his opacityno one (including the traders themselves) knows exactly what exactly is going on in the trading rooms of Wall Street. Quite a contrast with Bitcoin (BTC) which was designed to be transparent and incorruptible thanks to its code. A former member of the mega-bank Goldman … Read more

Cardano Testnet ‘catastrophically broken’ after ‘rushed’ updates

According to Dean, Cardano has come dangerously close to “midnight” on the hypothetical nuclear clock. Due to a bug in older versions of Cardano’s client software that was only recently discovered by the network’s developer community, the layer-1 blockchain testnet is now incompatible and unable to support the latest client software. 🧵 (1/n) It’s important … Read more

$66.4 billion: the incredible hoard of Tether, the stablecoin giant

After yesterday’s announcement of the hiring of the BDO group to ensure its regular audits, Tether unveils the first report issued by the world-renowned auditing firm. According to the conclusions of this in-depth analysis, Tether would hold a trifle of $66.4 billion financial assets of all kinds. More specifically, on this real financial windfall, Tether … Read more