In Charente, technology to the rescue of firefighters

Cognac, it was in the middle of the night, The driver could have waited a while before being discovered. Digital technology has been disrupting the daily lives of emergency services for several years. For firefighters, applications are becoming decision-making aids. Location accuracy, live vision of the theater of operations, technical sheets have become valuable auxiliaries … Read more

Google would prepare the return of Chromecast Audio

Many Chromecast Audio users are still orphans of Google’s little gadget (read our test). Launched in 2015 and released four years later, the device allows you to broadcast good big sound from your smartphone to an old hi-fi system or active speakers, all for the modest sum of 39 €. Google has abandoned this product … Read more

a man hospitalized after an overdose of dietary supplements

You may also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Winter: are vitamin supplements necessary? To prevent infections or fight fatigue, many people take vitamins as winter approaches. But is this supplement really effective? As one can overdose on drugs oralcohol, you can overdose on dietary supplements, with serious health consequences. The extreme case of this middle-aged man … Read more

Google Cloud Launches New Sustainability Offerings for Climate Resilience

At the recent Sustainability Summit, Google launched several new sustainability offerings to help public sector agencies and researchers improve climate resilience. These offerings are: Climate Insights for natural resources and Climate Insights for infrastructure. Brent Mitchell, Managing Director of U.S. State and Local and Canadian Public Sector, and Franco AmalfiStrategic Business Leader, Climate Action, Google … Read more