Apple wants to make the touchscreen functional in the rain

Like its competitors, Apple is always looking for new ideas to improve the user experience on its products. And precisely, recently, the press discovered the existence of a patent from the Cupertino company which could make its iPhone more usable in rainy weather.

As you already know, recent iPhones are waterproof enough to withstand the rain. However, when wet, the touchscreen isn’t really functional.

But Apple has found a solution. The title of the patent in question is already very explicit regarding the usefulness of the technology: “Change in functionality of an electronic device during a moisture exposure event. »

The next step after waterproof iPhones?

As the Phone Arena site explains, Apple has thus devised a way to eliminate the false tapping generated by the humidity present on the touch screen. And that’s not all, since the Cupertino company would also have imagined a modification of the user interface (the operating system) so as to make handling easier: the buttons would be larger and more spaced out, so to improve the accuracy of the user when pressing something.

In addition, the technology would also include a switch from the capacitive system of the screen to a pressure-sensitive system, which could be compared to what Apple offered via its old 3D Touch functionality. And moreover, Apple would have even imagined an “underwater” mode which would allow for example to take pictures under water.

All this is very interesting, but, for the moment, it is only a patent. And therefore, there is no evidence that Apple will deploy the technology described in the document on a commercial product. Digital giants like Apple have a large number of intellectual properties that are never really exploited.

But what is certain is that engineers from the firm have therefore looked into the problem of wet touch screens. And it is possible that one day it will offer an iPhone feature that will allow the device to be used even in the rain.

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