An unusual technology for growing ginger at home all year round: simple and fast!

Ginger is an exotic vegetable that we all know mainly in the kitchen, but also for its benefits in alternative medicine and its somewhat mythical aphrodisiac effects. If we have been able to tame the use of the root in our daily life, do you know that it is an Asian plant that can measure 1 m high? Yes, however, we are not used to seeing it in our vegetable patch or garden. In reality, growing ginger is easy as pie. In the next lines, we will see together how to grow ginger at home, we tell you all the tips and good practices so that you benefit from an organic and above all homemade root.

Ginger is a traditional spice in Indian cuisine

How to grow ginger at home?

Our famous ginger originates from Asia. It is used in cooking as a condiment, in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties and an aphrodisiac reputation has preceded it since the Middle Ages. We will first look at its botanical description as a plant to cultivate. Then, we will share with you the steps of its pot planting to be easily carried out at home.

Growing ginger at home is fun and easy

how to grow ginger in a pot ginger plants

Characteristics of ginger

Ginger is a perennial plant with deciduous foliage with white and yellow flowers. Its leaves are quite long and slightly fragrant. He loves the sun and prefers a rather humid atmosphere. Its growth is rapid and multiplication is achieved by dividing the rhizomes. The latter are rich in starch, the roots contain proteins, fats and essential oil.

Ginger can cure digestive disorders

ginger plants yellow flowers and evergreen foliage

Pot planting

For the cultivation of ginger, what interests us is its rhizome. For a plantation in the ground or on the balcony or the terrace, it is necessary to wait for spring, but for the interior, you can do it without waiting. The ginger roots found in the supermarket or at our Chinese grocer are alive and will be used for planting, so there is no need to look for raw material in exotic markets. Here are the steps:

  1. Choose a fresh and very firm rhizome, not too dry.
  2. Make sure your root has “eyes” which are small dots that are visible on the ends of your root. This is where the stems will grow from.
  3. Place the root in a bowl of lukewarm water for 24 hours, so it will regain its natural atmosphere and we will resuscitate it somehow.
  4. Use a drilled container and prepare the soil knowing that ginger likes rich, well-drained soil.
  5. Mix potting soil and compost and place our root. You can put some clay balls.
  6. Plant the piece about 10cm deep with the eyes facing up.
  7. Water it and place it in a place that isn’t too sunny if you can’t water it every day.

Growing ginger in water is an interesting technology

grow ginger in ginger water in plastic bottles


Once the ginger has been planted, you have to be patient, because the first sign of greenery will appear after a minimum of 1 month and to harvest the root, you have to wait 9 months. Take care of yourself like all your other plants, just water it as soon as the soil is dry. Be patient and allow the plant to mature before harvesting. You can fertilize it from time to time with a natural fertilizer.

Ginger is a tropical plant that likes a hot and humid climate

how to grow ginger from ginger roots


Once the stems are dead, you can dig up the ginger and it will become ready for whatever use you have in store for it.

Ginger, a root with multiple uses

Advice :

Always, use a sterilized knife to cut the ginger seedlings. And don’t overdo it with the watering, because you risk bringing diseases to it.

How to grow ginger in water?

This is another technique, a bit slower, but quite impressive, for this you will need:

  • A rhizome of ginger
  • Toothpicks
  • Glass jar or a plastic bottle split in half.

Execution :

Stick the toothpicks into the root and place it in the container filled with water. Make sure there is always water and after 30 days you will see the first growth. You can then follow the same planting tips we shared with you before. For planting in the ground, there is a different variety of ginger.

If you have a Chinese vegetable garden, don’t forget to include our dear ginger

Here, the culture of ginger has no more secrets for you. If you are a fan of this root, the star of Asian gastronomy and medicine, you can try this experience at home with the means at hand.

For a good culture of ginger, it is necessary to choose the container well


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Planting ginger in pots can be done all year round

grow ginger at home

At home, ginger grows on an annual cycle

how to grow ginger at home pot with ginger

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