AirxTouch, a revolutionary technology made in Luxembourg

This technology developed in Luxembourg allows any user to control a terminal remotely, just by capturing finger movements. An oh so important process in the age of contactless.

Touchless screens


This technology developed in Luxembourg allows any user to control a terminal remotely, just by capturing finger movements. An oh so important process in the age of contactless.

Some say that innovation is lacking in Luxembourg. Admittedly, if the country is struggling to achieve its objectives in this area, this does not prevent several Luxembourg companies from doing well. This is particularly the case of the company Inui Studio, which specializes in the field of “Natural User Interface” (NUI), understand by this natural interfaces for the user. Still not understood? The technology born within Inui Studio and called “AirxTouch” should help you see more clearly.

Satispay, electronic finance.  Luxembourg, Luxembourg - 23. 04. 2019 photo: Matic Zorman / Luxemburger Wort

The Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies provides a base for young, innovative financial service providers from all over the world.

AirxTouch is quite simply an interactive terminal equipped with a screen that can be operated and controlled remotely, simply by capturing finger movements. In other words, there is no health risk, a revolutionary technology at a time when contactless is more relevant than ever. The technology has been emulated since its launch last January. Recently, a partnership was forged with the Canadian restaurant chain “Saint-Hubert”, with the aim of integrating these terminals in some twenty of its establishments.

A pride for the founder and CEO of Inui Studio, Olivier Raulot. “I started Inui Studio a dozen years ago in 2010. So the goal was to develop software for natural interfaces. I’m thinking mainly of touch and gesture and voice recognition in a more global way. In 2015, we thought we were going to create interactive windows. In other words, we wanted to put sensors and cameras in these same windows so that the user could interact with this terminal from the sidewalk and therefore, through a window.

Inspired by Minority Report

This is how the foundations of AirxTouch were laid. However, a long period of research and development followed. “Because the technologies were quite limited at the time. We were able to launch a first product in 2017 with Samsung called AirxTouch Bar and which made it possible to make showcases interactive. We had Ikea or JC Decaux among our customers. In the process, we were able to obtain several patents for this technology. The success of this first project was relative. We had to wait nearly two years to sell our stock of around a hundred products,” says the CEO, who adds that it was the film Minority Report that made him want to invest in this technology.

This computer alone is capable of performing 10 million billion scholarly calculations in one second.

Inaugurated a year ago, MeluXina ranks among the 50 best high-performance computers in the world. A tour of the facilities of this incredible machine took place on Tuesday.

But no question of being discouraged for Olivier Raulot who already believed hard as iron in his baby. “The volume of sales was not sufficient economically speaking and then the health crisis arrived…”, he slips. Indeed, it took a global pandemic for the technology to literally explode. “Before the crisis, we were told there was no market for it,” he smiles. “We therefore set to work to design these interactive terminals which could replace those already existing, but which require physical contact with the machine, like the order terminals at McDonald’s or information terminals. in train stations and airports for example”.

It was finally last January that the final product was launched, AirxTouch Kiosk, again in collaboration with Samsung, but also with Intel. “We launched the project simultaneously in Canada and with the ”Saint-Hubert” chain, in Norway at Bergen airport and its tourist office, but also and above all in Luxembourg, in all the stations. CFL.”

Around the world

Pilot projects that seem to have had some success since their launch, as evidenced by the many contracts signed since then by Inui Studio. “We are in discussions with other players, the best known being McDonald’s. Just last week, we shipped new terminals to Norway, Greece, but also to Trinidad and Tobago. We are very close to a million euros in orders since the beginning of the year”, rejoices the CEO, at the head of a team of 11 people in the Luxembourg premises of Inui Studio.

Space is the new frontier that the Grand Duchy has set itself, hoping to play a central role in future “space mining”.

Following the first call for applications, the European Space Resources Innovation Center (ESRIC) has just selected the five start-ups that will begin their pre-incubation in April 2022.

Olivier Raulot assures us: his product works as well as touch, is as responsive as this one and costs as much. “The health crisis and the democratization of contactless have completely validated the technology,” he says. But then, how does it work? “In concrete terms, the terminal contains three 2D cameras. These cameras can detect the hand 9 centimeters from the screen and trigger a “click”, a “touch”, four centimeters from the screen. The sensors then do their job by calculating, depending on where the finger is, where the kiosk user made his “click”. The terminal can be used in the dark and even when there are light reflections on it. In short, the terminal is used in the same way as a touch screen, contactless in addition”.

In the future, Inui Studio intends to continue to innovate in the area it masters best, namely “touchless”. “Today, our technology is adapted to an environment indoor but we have two products in development that should arrive by the end of 2022, beginning of 2023. First, a smaller AirxTouch Kiosk as well as a terminal suitable for outdoor environments. In short, we still have a lot of projects in the pipeline.”

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