Accenture | Technology Trends: How Could Technology Improve Our Healthcare System?

An Accenture study reveals that one out of three Quebecers has difficulty navigating the health care system. However, the pandemic has highlighted ways to make health care delivery even faster and more efficient, while providing better prevention. Through increased personalization, delivery using digital technology and partnerships with care providers, Quebecers will have access to an improved health care system. How to do better? “Digital tools and technology can help provide Quebecers with better access to care,” says Joanne Templeton, Quebec leader of Accenture’s healthcare consulting services.

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4 guiding principles to follow

1. Focus on personalized care

Nearly 7 out of 10 Quebecers (66%) would authorize their healthcare professional to share their personal health information with others. This data would make it possible, among other things, to improve and personalize treatments and health decisions, to encourage preventive care and to notify certain patients of their eligibility for clinical trials.

Through the sharing of health data, there would be the ability to consider the effects of a prescribed drug or treatment based on a patient’s genetics.

Joanne Templeton, Quebec Leader of Accenture Healthcare Consulting Services

However, the majority of respondents expressed concern about the government’s ability to keep their information secure. Before implementing management based on such data on a large scale, it will first be necessary to gain the public’s trust.

Joanne Templeton, Quebec Leader of Accenture Healthcare Consulting Services

2. Increase patient-provider engagement

Nearly 6 in 10 Quebecers (57%) only contact their family doctor when needed, and just 14% report that this health professional takes a more proactive approach that goes beyond their requests immediate. In a context of burnout and early retirements, how can healthcare providers find time to listen to patients, empathize with them and offer clear explanations?

Physicians and health care providers must reorient their activities towards what matters to patients, such as listening, empathy and clear explanations. Properly deployed technology could provide physicians with the data they need and save them valuable time to better focus on their patients in consultation.

Joanne Templeton, Quebec Leader of Accenture Healthcare Consulting Services

3. Target digital investments

Entering data and searching across multiple non-integrated systems is often time consuming. Modernizing technologies in addition to administrative tools — such as online appointment scheduling and automated reminders — is providing promising efficiencies.

Well-integrated digital tools and artificial intelligence should ease the administrative burden on providers, so they can focus on other aspects of their work like diagnoses, treatment recommendations, and chronic disease management.

Joanne Templeton, Quebec Leader of Accenture Healthcare Consulting Services

The pandemic is accelerating innovation

Canadians are comfortable with the new digital and engagement options that have emerged during the pandemic and want them to stay in place:

  • Book and book appointments online (77% of Canadians in favor)
  • Health services offered in pharmacies (66% in favour)
  • Telehealth services (60% favorable)

4. Reduce barriers to access

The pandemic has demonstrated that it should not always be necessary for a patient to travel to the hospital or clinic to obtain medical help. Up to 67% of Quebecers are comfortable with the idea of ​​receiving care at a pharmacy — like during the COVID-19 vaccination campaign — and 72% of those who have used virtual care have felt comfortable or neutral about their experience.

More and more provinces are setting up public virtual care programs to promote access to the aging population, vulnerable people and people in remote areas.

Joanne Templeton, Quebec Leader of Accenture Healthcare Consulting Services

Take care of the health system

The pandemic presents an opportunity to rethink and improve the way health care is delivered in the country. More collaboration and stronger partnerships between all stakeholders would benefit health professionals, the private sector and the population as a whole.

There must be a commitment to innovation on all fronts and to making better use of existing resources, such as pharmacies and public-private partnerships, to provide certain types of care.

Joanne Templeton, Quebec Leader of Accenture Healthcare Consulting Services

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