a health prevention solution in retirement homes

It is however obvious that a modernization of the organizations and the care of dependent elderly people is essential.

From a quantitative logic of care to the personalization of relationships
Today, connected health offers concrete solutions that make it possible to individualize the medical follow-up of each elderly person.

Faced with the recurring problems of recruiting staff in retirement homes for years, it is important that the lack of staff, often put forward, is not to the detriment of the residents.

Technology – such as connected objects – helps healthcare teams by allowing personalized monitoring: changing absorbent protection wisely and at the right time, monitoring a resident’s physiological constants in real time according to their pathologies, etc. …

Health professionals in medico-social establishments are people committed to serving the needs of residents while respecting their dignity; the human resources constraints of the sector impose a technological revolution for more humanity in establishments with the objective of aging well.

Good care is by definition personal
Thanks to connected health, there is no more random actions and the isolation of seniors.

The integration of remote monitoring platforms into care systems provides reliable and secure traceability and control of information feedback from the field, thus improving care monitoring for the greatest comfort of dependent people, the quality life at work of carers and the confidence of families.

*Dimitri Tintikakis is an electronics engineer trained in Silicon Valley in the United States and passionate about connected technologies in the medical field.


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