40 million for a treasure of 20,000 Bitcoins – Celsius drives away the specter of liquidation

Everything except liquidation – We reported yesterday on the JDC the reimbursement by Celsius of $143 million in $DAI on MakerDAO, this operation distancing the catastrophe of a potential liquidation of the collateral deposited in bitcoins on the DeFi platform. Already welcomed as good news (we are content with little these days), this approach has just been doubled a few hours ago with a new payment, now lowering the liquidation level of Celsius to less than $2,800 per bitcoins.

Liquid air

Yesterday, Celsius gave itself a welcome breather on the MakerDAO platform by reimbursing the equivalent of $142.8 million, mechanically lowering the liquidation level of its bitcoin collateral to less than $5,000 per BTC.

Today, the fallen ex-star of crypto savings applications is offering himself a real breath of fresh air, via a new payment of 41 million (still in $DAI), lowering the price even further. fateful liquidation threshold.

At stake, the recovery of nearly 22,000 BTC (a bit yours if by chance you used the services of the application which suspended all its operations and the possibility of withdrawals on June 13).

If nothing is done for Celsius, from which even the prodigal FTX has recently turned away, the company’s former customers and debtors will probably rejoice in what seems to show that behind the scenes small hands are still trying to avoid the worst.

Another giant of the crypto ecosystem bites the dust. Don’t despair though! Diversify, take your time, exercise caution, and you’ll be fine. Register on the FTX reference crypto exchange platform and benefit from a lifetime discount on your trading fees (affiliate link, see conditions on official website).

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